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Social media guidelines for councillors

The OIA and the Local Government Association of Queensland have produced social media guidelines to assist councillors to manage their social media presence.

Your Social Media and You

This comprehensive guide outlines a councillor’s official, election and private social media pages, how the Councillor Code of Conduct applies, moderation of comments and how to recognise and deal with posts which are public records.

For more on public records see the advisory from the Crime and Corruption Commission and Queensland State Archives, Council records: a guideline for mayors, councillors, CEOs and government employees.

Queensland Councillor Social Media Community Guideline

This social media community guideline contains the moderation rules for a councillor to post or link to on their social media sites.

It aims to strike a balance between ensuring councillors use of social media is appropriate and open to positive, negative, or neutral electorate feedback, while also supporting councillors to protect themselves against unacceptable online behaviour.

Last updated: Tuesday, Dec 15, 2020