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Councillor Conduct Tribunal and other decisions

The role of the Independent Assessor includes providing advice, training and information to councillors and local governments in relation to alleged or suspected inappropriate conduct, misconduct or corrupt conduct generally under section 150CU(1) (e) the Local Government Act 2009.

In particular, it is tasked with providing advice to councillors on recurring or high-risk areas of councillor conduct.

These OIA summaries of decisions of the Councillor Conduct Tribunal may be useful in guiding councillors’ understanding of the standards being applied by the Tribunal.

Understanding how regulation is applied in different circumstances will help to develop a shared understanding of standards and expectations that can then be applied consistently.

Decisions and judgements from other jurisdictions, such as the Supreme Court, may also provide a useful resource for councillors.

Key issues

Conflict of Interest

Register of Interests

Social Media

Breach of Trust

Last updated: Tuesday, Dec 15, 2020