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Statement from the Independent Assessor Kathleen Florian regarding Noosa Shire councillor

11 October 2019

The Office of the Independent Assessor has assessed complaints regarding Noosa Shire Councillor Jess Glasgow as misconduct and has commenced an investigation.

The OIA received a number of complaints regarding the councillor’s appearance on The Bachelorette reality TV program.

The Office assessed the councillor’s actions as misconduct rather than the lower level of inappropriate conduct (Breach of the Councillor Code of Conduct).

The Independent Assessor said the complaints will be investigated as a ‘Breach of the Trust placed in the Councillor’ on the basis of his statutory responsibility to provide high quality leadership to the local government and the community.

As the OIA has commenced an investigation there will be no further comment on this matter until it has been resolved.

Learn more about how the OIA deals with misconduct matters.


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Last updated: 12 Oct 2019