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Statement from the Independent Assessor Kathleen Florian – Gold Coast City councillor decision

6 January 2020

Gold Coast City Councillor Glenn Tozer has been found to have engaged in misconduct for failing to declare an honorary membership of the Gold Coast Turf Club on his register of interests.

Cr Tozer referred himself to the Office of the Independent Assessor (OIA) after he was advised of the omission by the Crime and Corruption Commission.

It was found Cr Tozer had properly declared this interest when voting on a resolution involving the Gold Coast Turf Club in November 2016 however, he had not recorded the details of his club membership on his register of interests as required by law.

Cr Tozer did not actively seek membership of the Gold Coast Turf Club and it was noted that honorary memberships are handed out liberally by the club and, in some cases, are not used or given much thought by councillors.

The OIA fast-tracked the matter to the Councillor Conduct Tribunal which heard Cr Tozer wrote to the club in July 2015 acknowledging his honorary membership for the 2015/16 racing season, however there was no evidence he had ever used or accessed the benefits of his membership which he ultimately resigned in 2017.

Based on the evidence, the tribunal found Cr Tozer had engaged in misconduct noting he had recklessly failed to correct his register of interest for almost a year after the issue first came to light in 2016.

The tribunal ordered that Cr Tozer be counselled by the council CEO about his misconduct and how to avoid it happening again.

The Councillor Conduct Tribunal decision can be found here.


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Last updated: 06 Jan 2020