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Statement from the Independent Assessor Kathleen Florian – Cassowary Coast councillor decision

23 January 2020

A Cassowary Coast councillor has been found not to have engaged in misconduct after seeking third-party access to council information.

The Councillor Conduct Tribunal heard the councillor had attended a training session on the council’s new Customer Request Dashboard where he was advised the information in the system was confidential.

It was alleged the councillor attempted to access the dashboard on the same day so that he could give his solicitor access to the system.

The Office of the Independent Assessor (OIA) contended the councillor’s attempt to provide third-party access to the system constituted misconduct.

However, the tribunal accepted the councillor’s submission that he had unwittingly confused terminology and was instead trying to access information which was not confidential, rather than the new dashboard.

In dismissing the misconduct allegation, the tribunal noted the councillor has deficient computer skills, a very limited understanding of computer terminology and could benefit from an iPad training course.

The Councillor Conduct Tribunal decision can be found here.


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Last updated: 23 Jan 2020