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Statement from the Independent Assessor Kathleen Florian – Moreton Bay Regional councillor decision

13 September 2019

Moreton Bay councillor Adam Hain has been ordered to make a public admission of misconduct, pay a $250 fine, and undergo counselling for releasing confidential information.

The Councillor Conduct Tribunal found that Cr Hain had engaged in misconduct by releasing information that was confidential to the Moreton Bay Regional Council on possible changes to divisional boundaries.

Cr Hain had attended a closed council workshop where he had been provided with materials which had clearly been marked as confidential. After the workshop, the councillor called a community group member and discussed the potential changes to his division.

The Tribunal took into account that Councillor Hain was a first term councillor, had no disciplinary history, co-operated with the Office of the Independent Assessor and had demonstrated insight into the processes that should be followed in future.

The Councillor Conduct Tribunal decision can be found here.



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Last updated: 13 Sep 2019