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Statement from the Independent Assessor Kathleen Florian – Redland City councillor decision

12 September 2019

Redland City councillor Paul Gleeson, who has significant disciplinary history, has been reprimanded and fined a total of $2,100 on four misconduct matters, including threatening another person and making derogatory comments on his personal social media page.

In handing down its decision, the Councillor Conduct Tribunal noted Cr Gleeson’s conduct was reckless given his disciplinary history and the previous training provided to him on social media use.

Cr Gleeson now has a total of 15 sustained allegations of misconduct and inappropriate conduct, 13 involving social media comments.

According to the Tribunal’s published decision the misconduct involving Councillor Gleeson making posts on his personal face book page involved:

  • posts which were intimidatory and unfitting, with a photograph identifying members of the community and personal information of individuals;
  • the disclosure of non-public details obtained by Councillor Gleeson in the course of his duties regarding an individual’s freedom of information request - which put the Council at risk of a possible contravention of the law; and
  • comments about individuals which were not further elaborated on in the published reasons.

A further sustained allegation related to conduct which was verbally intimidating and threatening and which did not demonstrate respect for a fellow councillor.

The Office of the Independent Assessor had submitted Cr Gleeson’s behaviour was indicative of an ongoing course of conduct that exhibited a disregard of the local government principles and the responsibilities of councillors.

The Councillor Conduct Tribunal fined Cr Gleeson $700 each on two counts and $350 each on the remaining two counts. He was given between two and six months to pay.

The Councillor Conduct Tribunal decision can be found here.



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Last updated: 12 Sep 2019